Stitched by: Vietnamese Women’s Association, SA Inc. (ViWA)

Pattern designed by: Words by Trang and Dung with the ViWA's women, pattern designed and stitched by Britt

During the mid 1990’s, a group of Vietnamese women and men met regularly to discuss issues related to their lives in the Vietnamese community, but in particular the lives of women in South Australia, and what this meant in the context of multiculturalism and their identity.

The group believed that an organisation advocating for Vietnamese women in South Australia was needed; hence the Vietnamese Women’s Association was born. The Vietnamese Women’s Association, SA (ViWA) was formally registered in August 1997.

The words provided by ViWA’s women members for this piece depict the struggles migrant women often face when coming to and making efforts to ‘belong in’ a new country.

The lotus flower logo denotes a special meaning. In Vietnamese culture, a woman is depicted as a flower. The Association’s commitment is to support each flower to blossom. Just as a flourishing flower would impart its pleasant scent on the surroundings, a flourishing woman’s life would benefit the whole society, making our community a better place for all.

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