Eat The Rich

Stitched by: Adam W

Pattern designed by: Adam W

Do you know the difference between a million and a billion? If a classroom of 30 students started making $1000 a day, and decided to pool all of their income together to achieve billionaire status as a group, they would become centenarians before that total gets reached. And that’s assuming they aren’t spending the money for even basic living expenses.

It frustrates me that we are so complacent in a system that protects the wealth of the richest whilst encouraging the working class to fight each other for the (unfathomably small) chance to join the world of the wealthy through tireless work. The gaps between each level of wealth are staggering, and the percentage of wealth that ‘trickles down’ to lower classes is totally unbalanced. Some say the ridiculous wealth-gap provides incentive to excel in achievements, but how does that make sense in our modern world? Look at the current generation of young adults in Australia, whose dreams of wealth include things like “a house to own” and “not worrying about whether I can afford my bills”. Capitalism has lead to a ruthless game where many just dream to be more than a bad month away from homelessness.

My design is a playful take on the famous quote by Jean-Jacques Rousseau, “When the poor have nothing more to eat, they will eat the rich!”. There’s no justifiable reason for why personal wealth should not be capped, but ‘Cap the Rich’ just isn’t as badass. The zombie is not just a people-eater, it’s often an analogy in fiction for class separation and the feeling of helplessness against mass complacency.

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