Stitched by: Roberta Bertini

Pattern designed by: #EleNão movement

In 2018 I was living in Amsterdam and very apprehensive with the future of my country (Brazil) when surveys showed Jair Bolsonaro as the front-running presidential candidate for the Brazilian elections. The #EleNão (#NotHim) movement were demonstrations all over Brazil and also in major cities over the world, led by Brazilian women to protest against Bolsonaro which, among other aberrations, is known for making offensive remarks about women, black people and sexual minorities. Unable to participate in the major protests in Brazil, I was eager to participate in the Dutch version of the protests and decided to embroider an old t-shirt with one of the most popular logos of the movement. Despite the magnitude of the protests, Bolsonaro won the elections (not by the majority of votes but favoured by the huge amount of abstention) and I still proudly wear my stitched t-shirt as a form of resistance to all the atrocities and setbacks resulting from his government.

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