Housing is a human right

Stitched by: Nikki S

Pattern designed by: The pattern is my own. Wording by Caitlin Smith, Shelter SA

A couple of weeks ago a colleague from Shelter SA sent me some messaging around homelessness and housing. We had talked a bit about the work that she does in her role at Shelter SA, and about the fact that homelessness is far more widespread than many people realise. Not all homelessness is visible: not all people are on the streets. Some are people who couch surf at friends’ places, or live in their cars. Older women – those over 55 – are the fastest growing cohort of homeless Australians. Between 2011 and 2016 the number of homeless women over 55 grew by 31%. In Australia homelessness does not attract much media attention and yet it is a major issue, the largest single cause of which is lack of affordable housing. In the time of COVID-19 we are told to stay at home, but what about those who do not have homes, or whose homes are unsafe? Homelessness and its causes need urgent attention from all of us.

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