My life in diaspora

Stitched by: DecoElian

Pattern designed by: Elian Elias Aboudi

I would like to take you through my journey into the world of Palestinian Tatreez (a form of cross-stitching embroidery). In this picture, I share with you my first piece, which I began working on at a time when the whole world faced a challenge like no other, the global Covid-19 pandemic. In March 2020, I threaded a needle and began creating a story I didn’t know I was creating. It was a story of me, my life, my family, my heritage, people and places I’ve crossed paths with, elements of the world that caught my eye, anything and everything that meant something to me. I fought it at times, but each section earned its place on the tapestry. Eight months later, this piece told my story, my life, my connection and my identity. When I first published this picture on social media, I did it because I was so proud to showcase something that I had done with my own two hands, that spoke to who I was when I started the piece and to who I am now. The feedback I received from around the world was overwhelming and humbling. To inspire others to want to create the same or to want me to create them a piece that they can identify with is such an honour. I have since been proud to have created customised tatreez pieces that tell other people’s stories so they can share their Palestinian heritage with their children, friends, family and loved ones by using designs and messages from their hometowns. I look forward to creating more designs and bringing a piece of my heart into people’s homes.

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