No Cops In Crisis Care

Stitched by: @stitching_4_change

Pattern designed by: @stitching_4_change - the border is adapted from a vintage DMC pattern

This piece was created in response to a callout by Collective Action London, who asked for art on the theme of abolition: “Join us in imagining a world beyond the oppressive systems that are currently in place.”

“No Cops In Crisis” is a slogan used by Project Lets – it highlights the fact that people experiencing a mental health crisis are more likely to come into contact with police than they are an actual mental health professional. For some people, this can be fatal. The risk of harm increases for People of Colour (especially Black men), autistic or non-verbal people, people who live in working class areas, or who present in ways which police deem “aggressive” – it’s time to get cops out of crisis care.

WARNING: This site contains content that may offend some viewers