White Privilege, Not Always

Stitched by: Cilla

Pattern designed by: My own design

I am one of the 450,000 non-Indigenous Forgotten Australians who suffered every form of abuse. Not all of us, but a high majority suffered from no love, a lack of education and the loss of family.

My sister and I were being abused in every form, but because my older sister (two years older) was being sexually abused, an inspector was sent to visit, but then said ‘the house is clean and tidy, the girls are fine’, so we remained there for another four years.

In the intuitions we were put down and ridiculed. We were known by a number, not our names. Myself being so young, I was told that my brain formed differently. We were also used for medical testing and experiments. My files say that I had strong medications tested on me.

So I ask where do I belong???

Am I of any worth???

I am 69 and am still sorting out my life and the wrongs.

If we don’t tell our history, no lessons are learnt for the precious children who follow us into out of home care.

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