Why so many Tiddalicks

Stitched by: Marika

Pattern designed by: Marika

Tiddalick is a traditional dreamtime story about a greedy Frog. In this work Marika compares greedy, mine owners, landowners or Politicians to the greedy frog Tiddalick. They who don’t care about sharing or looking after the land and water. They only think about how deep their own pockets are.

Read the Dreamtime story about Tiddalick the Frog here.

Artist bio: Marika Davies is a proud Wangkangurru woman of the Simpson Desert, Birdsville area. She is an emerging artist and independent curator currently living and working in Port Augusta, South Australia. Her interest in pursuing a career in the art industry developed organically through her love and passion for art and its history, and wanting to give back to her community in Port Augusta who nurtured her passion and cultural growth. She is intent on a curatorial career continuing her history of work within the community. Marika’s focus is Aboriginal art its history, development and future, as well as the multicultural and dynamic nature of Contemporary art.

Recent artistic achievements as a curatorial associate for VIETNAM: ONE IN, ALL IN, she has actively assisted throughout project development, gaining experience that will spring board her career as an emerging curator. In 2019 Marika attend the Darwin Aboriginal Art Fair part of the Aboriginal Curators Program and Symposium. Marika was able to work with a number of Aboriginal artists and their art centres from all over Australia and Torres Strait Islands. Marika attended the Port Augusta Emerging Film Development Program workshop and was co-director / co-writer for Mulka Man which was screened at Nunga Screen, 2020. Marika is currently undertaking a mentorship with Tarnanthi Festival Director Nici Cumpston OAM and Port Pirie Regional Art Gallery Director Ursula Halpin to develop an exhibition featuring seven regional Aboriginal female artists. The exhibition will be part of the Tarnanthi Festival 2021 on display in the Port Pirie Regional Art Gallery.

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