Participating in STITCH & RESIST is easy, simply sign up, create your artwork and then submit it to our online gallery. We encourage you to use your cross stitch piece to addresses whatever social, political or environmental issue you care most deeply about.

To help you get inspired we have put together a range of tools and resources which include a library of videos, tutorials, patterns and recommended readings on the subject of craftivism. We have also put together a resource pack which you can download as a PDF here.

This pack has been designed to help you think through how to create safe spaces, encourage conversation, listen compassionately, facilitate connections, craft beautiful, powerful pieces, and work together (or alone) to make change, make connections and build community well-being.

Who can participate?

In the spirit of craftivism we are committed to ensuring that STITCH & RESIST is inclusive and welcoming. Participation in this project is open to anyone (as long as they are willing to try their hand at cross stitching). This includes individuals, groups and organisations all over the world. In other words, everyone is welcome to participate and we’d love you to submit images of your work for inclusion in our online gallery!

We do acknowledge that this project won’t be accessible to everyone, whether that is because of barriers like language, access to craft supplies or simply time. However, if there is something we can do to enable you to participate please do not hesitate to contact us.


For the sake of coherence, we ask that all work includes a political message. The message can be in any language, and need not include words if you think a symbol or image better conveys the message you want to communicate. Your piece can be any size. You can create it yourself or with a group of friends. We also suggest you use second hand materials where possible to ensure that the project is as sustainable as possible.

Once you finish you piece, you can submit your work via the submit your work page. There you will be asked to fill out a submission form, which includes a permissions/release form. Please submit your piece by Friday April 30 2021.

Community Partners

If your community group or organisation in interested STITCH & RESIST, our small team is happy to work with you to encourage the communities you work with to participate.

Originally, we intended to partner with local organisations in Adelaide, South Australia, to run workshops and host regular stitching groups. However, since coronavirus restrictions mean we can no longer come together in person, what we will do instead is invite our community partners to support their members and communities to participate in this project from the self-isolation.

We have set up a private Facebook group for those of you who want to facilitate participation in this project within your organisation. This group is designed to be a place where you can share ideas, discuss your challenges and share your success. We also intend to have semi-regular catch ups with our community partners (via the Facebook group, Zoom (free video conferencing software), or whatever best suits people).

As this project evolves we will continue to develop and make available materials that will support our community partners.

WARNING: This site contains content that may offend some viewers